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A Students Guide to Visiting the DePaul Area

It's difficult to deny that we're incredibly lucky to go to college in Chicago, one of the neatest cities in our country.  We're in a neighborhood in Chicago surrounded by an unlimited number of things to do.

But, if you're not from the area, it's difficult to know what to do, especially when visiting campus just an afternoon or a day.  I found it incredibly difficult to know what kinds of things were close that I would be able to take advantage of for the next four years.  Well, I'm offering a bit of a solution to that problem.  

I've created a google map of some of my favorite things in the city.  They are good ideas for places to visit when you visit DePaul.  Again, there's an endless amount of things to do in Chicago, but it will hopefully give you ideas for places to go on your visit.  

Click here to access the google map​.  You'll need a google account (email ending in  If you don't have on yet, you might as well create one because it will be useful in college, and you'll want to have a professional email address so professors don't have to email you  

Here's a key to the map​.  
I separated it by places you can walk, take the train or bus, and places you'll need to drive.  It's color coded by restaurants, entertainment, coffee shops/study spots, and outdoor activities.  Check it out, and comment below if you have any questions.  I hope this helps spice up your visit to DePaul.  Don't forget to get off campus and see our backyard (and front yard)!  ​