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Three Classes: Wooohoooo

As we start the third week of Spring Quarter I'm just beginning to get into my classes.  I'm trying to focus but for some reason this quarter has been a little different.  I was enrolled in four classes but decided to drop my fourth this past week, just before the deadline to drop a class. 

I'd say it's pretty common for me to change up my class schedule within the first week of classes.  I like to get a feel for the class and the professor, and if I need to change something I generally do what I can. 

This quarter I'm taking biochem 3, calculus 3, and doing in junior year experiential learning (JYEL) research (something you can choose depending on your major and interests).  This will definitely be one of the calmer quarters of my college career, and I'm going to try to take full advantage of that. 

Besides working a couple of jobs, I'm really trying to do a few other things.  I'm taking the MCAT this summer so I am spending about five hours or so a week right now studying as well.
Here's a little weekly goal list that I have:
- have a routine for taking a second to pause each day
- wake up at least an hour before my first committment each day
- watch one Khan Academy video a week
- read a book, not for school, at a new coffee shop or somewhere that I haven't been
- catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a while

Well, here's to a great quarter and hopefully a successful break from being 100% devoted to school.  I'll let you know how it's going.