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Hot Doug's: Twilight of a Chicago Landmark

I love cooked meat. That's just my truth. I love animals, and I am all for their humane treatment, but if we are going to eat them, then we need to do it in the right way. But ultimately, I just love eating cooked meats of all kinds. To that end, if you are a meat eater in Chicago, you must be familiar with the hot dog and sausage scene. I've talked about some of the better spots for these succulent treats in previous posts but there is one place that I have been wanting to try and have not had the opportunity to do so yet. And what's more, my time in which to do so is limited.

Hot Doug's is a Chicago institution. Located at the corner of Roscoe and California, it is a hot dog stand that serves us so much more than your average hot dog fare. Sausages consisting of meats as varied as rattlesnake, escargots, and crayfish grace the menu. Staring at you and daring you to question their veracity. The stand has been featured on numerous television programs, such as Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, for their maverick attitude about what hot dogs and sausage should be. Several years ago, when the city of Chicago banned the sale of foie gras, the fatty liver of geese whose production often brings to light questions of animal cruelty, the owners of Hot Doug's did not let little things like laws get in the way of them serving exactly the kind of food they wanted to serve. They went ahead and kept selling their foie gras sausage and even nicknamed it after the alderman who had the law pushed through. These guys don't mess around. Of course, you will be able to find a very well done traditional Chicago dog there but that should just be a warm up. There are so many more sausage horizons to gallop toward at this hot dog stand. Why would you want to miss that? 

But time is of the essence! Doug Sohn, the restaurant's owner, recently announced that Doug's will be closing its doors permanently in October. Sohn said that it's time to go do something else. I get and respect that for sure. Sometimes you just have to shake things up and good for him for knowing that he had to do just that despite the protests I'm sure he's experienced. Therefore, a visit to Hot Doug's should have just shot up your summer to-do list just like it did mine.

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