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We Must Not Forget to Serve

By Tyler Esselman / May 7, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​This past weekend I participated in an event called Vincentian Service Day. This event is an annual service day put on by DePaul University, where thousands of DePaul students, faculty members, and administrators go out into the community and do service to honor the legacy of our namesake, St. Vincent de Paul. For those of you who don’t know already, St. Vincent de Paul was noted for his dedication to serving the poor and strengthening the community around him. That legacy is part of the Vincentian values on which our university is founded. 

I did this event last year and had a great time helping clean up the garden for the retirement home that is situated next door to The Theatre School building. However, this year we had a new site. We were at the Mission of Our Lady of Angels and Saints in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Humboldt Park is southwest of the Loop and it is a pretty rough area. We spent most of the day helping to clean up the community center and church of the mission. What was most inspiring about working there was the dedication of the priests and nuns that live there. They were a wonderfully cheery bunch that greatly appreciated our help and were utterly devoted to all of the community members that came through the mission throughout the day. Since I was raised Catholic, I have some familiarity with the community of the Catholic Church and this one sticks out in my mind. Despite the fact that my thoughts about religion have shifted over the last several years, the thing that will always stick with me about being a part of the church community is the truly selfless people that you will often find there. Those are the people that volunteer on a regular basis out of the goodness of their hearts to make their community a better place and spread goodwill to their fellow man. It inspired me to make sure that I incorporate more service into my life regularly because it makes me feel exponentially more human and gives me direction whenever I feel lost. 

Vincentian Service Day is a great opportunity to remind you how important it is to serve your fellow man and just how badly some people right here in our community need our help. If you want to find out more about St. Vincent de Paul’s mission to help the impoverished, check out this link​

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week: 

This week has to be Glen Hansard. As of late, I’ve been trying to find ways to inspire myself artistically and Mr. Hansard never fails to do that for me. His ferocity and passion with his craft are astounding and I defy you not to feel something stir deep down in your gut when you hear him bust this number out.