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​As I have extolled before, fall is the best. It’s my favorite season. I love sweaters and hot coffee and pie and Thanksgiving and my birthday and all that good stuff. It’s just awesome. And fall in Chicago is the best time to be here.

If you tell anyone you’re going to Chicago, they will obviously warn you about the winter. And with good cause. It is brutal, after all. You need to have the proper coat and boots to even have a chance at surviving. But summer is brutal too! It gets truly hot and humid and just disgusting. And, honestly, the thing is that we don’t really have a spring here. In my past couple years, it’s pretty much gone straight from winter to summer with maybe a couple days of spring in between. That’s why you gotta go with fall. It’s the best period of sustained beautiful weather this city has to offer. So grab it while you can.

But that’s not all! There’s still tons of rad stuff to do in the city before the cold sets in. There’s the Chicago International Film Festival which is always a favorite of mine when I can make it. They show an extremely diverse range of films from small international indie films to the upcoming Oscar contenders before they get a wide release. Definitely worth checking out. Plus, Chicago gets into the fall spirit as well as any city. There are tons of beer tasting and seasonal food festivals like Veggie Fest that just happened on Navy Pier. Another great event that just took place was Open House Chicago. This is the weekend when the Chicago Architecture Foundation opens the doors to many of the city’s unique and rarely seen buildings, such as the Fine Arts Building and Alliance Francaise, for the public to tour for free. 
So I hope you will pull on your favorite cable-knit sweater and spend some time with us here in Chicago this fall. I’m going to be soaking up every bit of it that I can.

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week:

Another hot Rufus Wainwright track coming at you this week. Only word I can use to describe this one? Epic. Those horns!