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Five Year Plan

​At my stage of the BFA Acting program, the focus shifts towards what actually happens after graduation. We have classes focused in the subtle technique of auditioning and acting for the camera that take all the technical acting skills we have been sharpening over the past three years and teach us how to direct them for very specific purposes. In addition, these classes have a component where we must create a five-year plan and a ten-year plan for our post-graduation years. This has been a both daunting and empowering experience so far. It has given us a lens through which to prioritize our goals in all realms of our life: artistic, personal, financial, educational, and in service to the world. If you read my post about Meg Jay’s book "The Defining Decade" you can imagine how reading that book while also completing this assignment has been advantageous. I think it’s easy for people my age to become overwhelmed with the scope of paths our lives can take in the coming years. I get that and have totally felt that way quite often. But I am realizing that it is far more important to simply take a path rather than worrying if it is the right one. Certain friends of mine would roll their eyes at the last sentence and grumble something to the effect of “That’s just some optimistic hooey.” (And yes, I do have friends who use words like hooey. They’re a silly bunch, my buddies.) But, to paraphrase David Mamet, the only pragmatic way to be is optimistic. It will work out one way or another. 

Anyway, pardon my dissertation. What I hope to impart by saying all of this is that I think making some kind of five year plan is something all people my age should do. It helps you to organize your dreams and start to figure out ways to actually achieve them in a real-world sense. It may seem overwhelming at first but I think you will find that it can produce some seriously rad results if it is done earnestly. Give it a shot!

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