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New Play

​As any returning readers of this blog will know, as an Acting major, I am cast in one curricular play per quarter at The Theatre School. This quarter, I was cast in a new play by my dear friend Janie Killips. She is a fourth year in The Theatre School’s BFA Playwriting major and has written an epic tale of which I am very lucky to be a part. Not only is this experience notable for me because it is Janie’s play, it is also my first time working on a brand new play and the unique process that that entails.

Up until now, every play I have worked on in a full production sense has been a published piece with a production history. For this, I am originating a role in a world premiere. Our director is TTS faculty member Damon Kiely who I have had as a professor previously and had always hoped to collaborate with on a show. The fascinating and exciting part about this process is that Janie is in the rehearsal room with us almost every day. She and Damon work in tandem to see how myself and the cast use the text and tweak it from there. Now, about halfway through our process, the play is wildly different from what we had not even two weeks ago. And I’m sure by the time we close the show on October 26th, it will have undergone even more changes. The script evolves right along with us as actors throughout the entire experience. This encourages us to stay on our toes and be prepared for any changes that might be thrown our way. While that might sound daunting, what is comforting is the fact that Janie has created such rich, complex characters that as long as we hold onto that identity that we have been cultivating, the text is the icing on the cake.

We have one more week until tech starts so things are starting to get all kinds of real in that rehearsal room. I certainly think our show will be a rousing success. More to come soon from the land of rehearsal!

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