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Some Ideas for a Solid Visit to DePaul and Chicago

Ah, finally. The weather has decided to relent ever so slightly and give us Chicago residents highs in the balmy 40s. You know what that means? All you prospective DePaulians out there should come visit us! Yes, that’s right. Here comes my guide on how to best visit our fine institution and enjoy a little taste of the city as well. I’ll preface this by saying that a majority of my guide will be food-based. Hope that’s OK with all of you.

Any who, first thing you should do is schedule your visit. If you’re a junior or senior in high school, you most likely have a couple excused absences with which to visit colleges? Use at least one of them on us! If you can, make a weekend of it! Come up here on a Saturday and schedule your visit for the Monday thereafter. That way you can spend a good chunk feeling out the city and seeing the sights. If I were doing it all over again, I’d arrive on Saturday in the early afternoon and catch a show at the Steppenwolf that evening. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, they always have a production worth seeing. But before the show, I’d grab dinner at Pequod’s at Clybourn and Webster. My absolute favorite pizza in the city and a great place to watch a Blackhawks game if the stars align and there’s one on that night. On Sunday, I would go check out the Bean in Millennium Park. Totally cliché and touristy but entirely necessary. You then have an entire day to choose your own adventure. You could go to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower, go to the museums or the Art Institute, catch an artsy flick at the Gene Siskel Film Center, or shop on Michigan Avenue. The city is your oyster. If I were you, I’d hop over to Wicker Park at some point and browse through the shops over there. In particular, you should spend a good long while in Myopic Books, one of the best bookstores I’ve ever encountered anywhere. That evening, dinner could be at Topo Gigio in Old Town if Italian is striking your fancy or Longman & Eagle in Logan Square if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous. They have a unique take on classic American dishes and a wonderful atmosphere that will show you a side of the city you probably wouldn’t see if you stuck to the beaten path. Pay us a visit the next day and grab a classic Chicago dog at Chicago’s Dog House on Fullerton and no one could deny that you will have had a pretty stellar introduction to our fair city.

Visiting colleges is a very exciting time for someone in the latter stages of high school and can make for some great travel memories. Just remember to try to take in a bit of whatever town or city the school you are visiting inhabits while you’re there. It could be your home away from home for the next four years.

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