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Springtime = Baseball Time

​Welcome back! Spring quarter is upon us. It’s finally getting warm with just a smidge of regularity and, I’ll tell you, that’s more than a smidge OK with me. Inevitably, this blog would take a turn toward my real passion in life. That, of course, is St. Louis Cardinals baseball. As a diehard Cardinals fan, you might imagine, I’ve encountered animosity from Chicago sports fans but, on the contrary, I have never experienced anything of the like. Honestly, this probably has to do with the wide gulf separating the recent success of our respective teams but it’s still very comforting to know that I can live on the North Side here and support any team I darn well please. 

If you haven’t experienced baseball in Chicago yet, it’s a must. You have two storied franchises inhabiting our fine city and each offers very unique baseball watching experiences. Start with the Cubs and Wrigley Field. It’s one of the oldest teams in baseball and I have no qualms in saying that Wrigley Field is my favorite stadium that I’ve visited so far (in the non-Busch Stadium category, of course). It’s a remnant of simpler times in baseball and always boasts a stellar atmosphere no matter how well or poorly the Cubbies are doing. And, pro tip, it won’t be long before the Cubs are good again, in my opinion. Theo Epstein, the man who broke the Boston Red Sox title drought, is more than likely going to be able to get the Cubs the best possible chance of breaking the Curse of the Billy Goat within the next ten years. (That curse, FYI, is the one that has prevented the Cubs from winning the World Series since 1908.) 

Then you have the White Sox down at US Cellular Field on the South Side. The Sox have a more recent World Series title from 2005 but are also not sitting well within the American League Central. But they made some interesting moves in the off-season and the baseball season is LONG so it’s too early to count them out for sure. As for their home field, it isn’t quite as charming as Wrigley but still makes for a unique experience. I’ve been to a handful of games at both stadiums and they’re hard to truly compare because they’re so different. And, obviously, I want everyone to go to baseball games all the time so I believe you should make time to attend games at both. 

If you’re looking to find great deals on tickets, look no further than This site organizes all the internet postings for tickets and ranks them by which are the best and worst deals. You can find great stuff here, especially as the given game gets closer and people need to get rid of tickets. I’ll be attending as many games as possible this spring and summer and checking back in here with my thoughts and predictions. Hope to see you at a game! 

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week: 

The Hot Track could only be Lake Street Dive this week. They’re a fantastic band out of Boston that my sister and I have been listening to for the past couple months. We had the pleasure of being able to see them this past week in St. Louis and they were marvelous. This is the best new band of the year, people.