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Summer's Nearly Here. Whatever Shall You Do?

​Being on the quarter system has its blessings and its curses, people. Be warned. It’s great because you get to start school after Labor Day, you can fit in tons of classes, and get that sweet six-week break in the winter. Although, it should be noted that classes start so late in the fall because spring quarter doesn’t end until the middle of June. Nope, that’s not a typo. As such, the middle of May can be a tough time when you start to see all of your friends at other schools posting on their social media outlets of choice about their classes ending and basking in the revelry of a new summer while you have four weeks left of school. It’s rough but doable.

Anyway, that’s part of it. But! Think about all the stuff you will eventually be able to do here in Chicago when summer does come! SO much good stuff. As I learn about cool attractions and events, I’ll put them up here so that you’ll know about them if you decide to come visit Chicago and DePaul during those sweet summer months. This is one that I’ve known about for a while but haven’t had the pleasure of partaking of yet: every summer, the City of Chicago puts on a film series on Tuesday nights in Millennium Park. Patrons can sit in the seating at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion or bring blankets and other picnic accouterments and watch from the field behind the pavilion. This summer, they have some great films such as "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and "Field of Dreams" on the docket as well as many others. This is a great way to get out of the house and get together with the Chicago community. There are also concerts in the same pavilion throughout the summer. Last year, Glen Hansard, who was featured on last week’s Hot Track of the Week, played and I was despondent upon learning I missed it. 

The city puts on some really great, free events throughout the summer and you should definitely peruse their website to see if any strike your fancy. So much to do and only 10 weeks of summer in which to do it so start your lists now! 

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week: 

I believe I have posted some Sufjan before and here’s some more. This one hit me right in the gut on my walk home the other night. This guy’s just an absolutely incredible musician all around.