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The Moth: The Perfect Forum to Share Your Story

​Who wants a cool thing to do in Chicago? Anyone? Ok, here you go! 

Do you like stories? Listening to or telling them, either way, you’ll love The Moth. The Moth is a series of events that happens nationwide that is dedicated to celebrating the art of storytelling and intent on bringing people together to listen and share those stories. I went to The Moth a few months ago with a couple friends at the Haymarket Pub and Brewery in the West Loop. It was a StorySlam which meant several people went up throughout the evening to tell a five-minute story and were judged by randomly selected judges in the crowd. The person whose story got the highest score at the end of the night was the winner and qualified to go onto the Grand Slam where they would share their story with the winners of other Slams that had happened over the course of the year. Not every story was great but it was still great to see people going up there and taking a genuine risk. Each definitely shared a little bit about themselves in a very vulnerable way. And, as I’ve come to find out more and more over the course of my time at The Theatre School, art is all about vulnerability in one form or another. Anyway, it was a great event. The crowd was very supportive and attentive and I left the event on cloud nine, super inspired to share a story at a future event. I haven’t yet been back but I hope to go very soon. If this sounds like something that would interest you, their next Chicago event is on April 29th at Martyrs’ on Lincoln. Admission is $16 for the limited pre-sale tickets and $8 for the even more limited amount of tickets at the door. Oh, also, at this particular venue it will be only 21 and over. Sorry if that counts you out. But keep an eye out for future events if you can’t make this one. Here’s their website for more information about their mission and the events that they conduct all the time. 

Tyler’s Hot Track of the Week: 

So, on a whim because I had a tech rehearsal cancelled this past Thursday, I was able to see The National on the second night of their three night stand at the Chicago Theatre with two of my good buddies. I have been obsessed with them lately and this concert only deepened that madness. It was an absolutely beautiful show. Honestly, it felt like it was their first time playing for a crowd. For one of the world’s biggest rick bands right now, to be able to give off that vibe is no mean feat. Cheers!