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Be a Tourist!

There’s a huge difference between visiting somewhere and living somewhere. I had this exact conversation with my friend the other day: when you visit somewhere, you might spend hours and hours researching places to go and sights to see. When you live somewhere, you just don’t have the same urge to explore.

I mean, look at me- when I was originally looking at colleges and figuring out where I wanted to go, I was insistent on being in a big city. I wanted to live the city life; I wanted to experience different kinds of people, sights, foods, and events. Being in Chicago was one of the main reasons that I chose to go to DePaul. When I first came to DePaul, I lived in residence halls and had all my classes in Lincoln Park, so I never really left campus. I'd go to class, go eat at the student center, and then go home. For whatever reason, I just never really ventured out.

I won the Wicked lottery. And yes, you see that I marked only one ticket. Because I have no friends and went all by myself.

Why did I insist on living in the city if I wasn’t going to take advantage of it? I’m that person who always dismisses everything as being “too tourist-y”, while always secretly wanting to go up to the Skydeck​. So I decided to bust out the (figurative) fanny pack and try to approach Chicago like a tourist would! Since this spring, I’ve decided to abandon my pretensions and make it a point to actively seek out tourist-y types of activities (although I have retained my dignity and continue to refuse to take a picture of my reflection on the Bean​).

At the same time, I’m (obviously) a student, so I have no time for tourist prices. Honestly, I only finally went up to the Skydeck because I realized I could use my airline points from my flight to Madrid to buy passes. Because you can’t use points on everything, I have a few discounted suggestions for fall and winter.​

I’m not going to lie: I used to be a theatre nerd. And I still love theatre. Tickets can run super expensive though, so I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to score cheap tickets. Like I’ve mentioned 1001 times, the​ Office of Student Involvement​ sells discounted tickets for at least one show per quarter, so they’re always my go-to. Another great resource is​ HotTix​, literally a website dedicated to discount theatre tickets. I also regularly check Broadway in Chicago​’s website for special offers. This is where they will announce if a show will be doing lottery or student rush​. This is how I got to sit in the front row of Wicked for only $25!

The famous Bean, also known as Cloud Gate. People love taking pictures of their reflections in it. I don't get it.
After three years at DePaul, I finally went to the Shedd Aquarium​ this spring. I had been meaning to go for years, but just never got around to it. It was so worth the wait. Even better: I went on an Illinois Resident day (you can find when the next one is on their website), used my DePaul ID, and got in for free. If you’re in the mood for a more traditional museum experience, The Art Institute of Chicago​ is ranked one of the best museums in the world. Located right next to Millennium Park​ (and the amazing new Maggie Daley Park​, as well), the Art Institute has tons of iconic art that you’ll instantly recognize. If you want to check it out, the Art Institute offers free admission for Illinois residents every Thursday from 5-8pm.
​Whether you just moved here or have lived in Chicago your whole life, seeing Chicago through the eyes of a tourist can open you up to a variety of new experiences!