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Morning Classes and Breakfast

​​​​​I’ve had the worst sleep habits for as long as I remember. I always stay up way too late, usually engrossed in a Wikipedia article about the history of bread or something. For the past two years, I’ve given myself a pretty cushy class schedule to accommodate this (most likely) life span-shortening habit. I had the same schedule (1-4:10 Monday-Thursday) for five out of the last six quarters (studying in Madrid ruined my streak). This quarter, after so long of barely waking up in time for an afternoon class, I decided to become a productive member of society and take morning classes for the first time since freshman year.

At my core, I’m still sloth-like and I hate mornings. I knew that I would need an incentive in order to resist the allure of the snooze button (True story: One time in high school, I hit the snooze button so many times that I slept through my Algebra 2 final). I knew the only way I would voluntarily depart from my bed would be for food. Whatever works, right? As any of my friends will tell you, I get way too excited about food. And now for the first time in years, I’m regularly getting breakfast.

I have some serious recommendations.

I live on campus and have a meal plan​, so I almost always go to the Student Center for breakfast. The two main breakfast spots in the Student Center are Brownstones​, which is a more a café/bagel shop, and Scramble, which serves typical diner fare. My first plan of attack is always to check out the weekly special at Scramble (which was chorizo con papas this week). If I’m not feeling the special, then we go to Plan B, which is repeatedly texting my friends until someone makes a decision regarding what I should eat. These are the typical pre-approved options that they are permitted to choose from:

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know that it’s embarrassing that I already had all of these photos on my phone. I wasn’t lying that I get excited about food.  I knew they would come in handy some day.

So Cal Pita (with cheesy hash browns, from Scramble): If nothing else, this is probably the prettiest dish.
So Cal Pita
So Cal Pita
Mindblowingly, it tastes amazing, too. I wouldn’t lie to you. A grilled pita with guacamole, spinach, bacon, and eggs? I can even semi-convince myself that I’m eating healthy. I like to pair it with the cheesy hash browns because I’m fr​om Wisconsin and I refuse to eat a meal without cheese. 

Tuscan Villa (on garlic, from Brownstones): A modern classic. Pesto, egg, tomato, provolone, bacon, and turkey on whichever bagel you want. I get
Tuscan Villa
it so often that sometimes they just start making it as I walk in. This is usually when I’m running late and remember that there’s no discrete way to eat cheesy hash browns while a professor lectures. All in all, bagel sandwiches do not get much better than this.

Santa Fe Sandwich (from Scramble): If I’m being honest, this maybe the messiest sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life.  It starts with an omelette filled with hash browns, chorizo, tomato, and onions. The omelette is then covered with pepper jack cheese and laid upon guacamole-slathered sourdough. I can guarantee that you’re never going to look attractive while
Santa Fe Sandwich
eating it, but once you take one bite of this sandwich, all you’ll care about is taking the next bite (and avoiding the falling guacamole).

Honorary Mention: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread French Toast Bananas Foster (with cheesy hash browns, from Scramble): While this ridiculous
string of nouns was one of the weekly specials at Scramble, it holds a permanent spot in my heart (it probably also permanently holds a spot in my arteries, but that’s another story). I’m usually a banana bread purist, but I welcome the addition of chocolate chips and bananas foster sauce on this dish. I’m only slightly ashamed to say that I ordered this three days in a row.
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread French Toast Bananas Foster

If you have any favorite breakfast dishes at DePaul or in Lincoln Park, comment and let me know! I’m always on the lookout for more sources of food.