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New Quarter, New Events Part 2

​​​​​Last week, I told you all about DePaul Activities Board​ and the awesome events they are hosting this quarter. At the end of that blog, I promised you more events and I’m delivering. I recently learned about the DePaul Humanities ​Center​ and I’m so excited to share this discovery with you.

I’m currently taking my Honors Capstone​ and my (incredible) professor is the director of the Humanities Center, which I had never really looked into (re: never really heard of) prior to taking the class. After he passed out a flyer in class with all the events for this quarter, I was instantly devastated that I had missed out on years of these… eclectic events. These events may be slightly more academic than you had anticipated, but there’s a reason that I’m so excited about them.

This is apparently somehow related to Moby-Dick. I need to find out how.

Now while I had originally intended to just write about the events that are happening during this quarter, one of the events for next quarter is too bizarre not to mention at this exact moment. Just to give you an idea of the insanity that has apparently been taking place at Humanities Center events for years without my knowledge: Next quarter, there’s an event​ about Moby-Dick​ that includes a screening of Star Trek II​. Let that sink in. Also next quarter: DePaulywood Squares​, a take on Hollywood Squares​ where nine professors from DePaul have to answer trivia questions about their areas of research. And the best part is that audience members have the chance to win prizes!

During this quarter, the Humanities Center is hosting five events and it is my goal to be at every single one. Each event is seriously like five events combined into one event, so let me break down a few for you!

This  is the band Typhoon. Come see (three of) them on February 1st!
f you love music, there are a few events perfect for you. On February 1st, three members of the Portland-based band Typhoon​ are coming to perform and then discuss their music and art. On February 8th, you have the opportunity to attend an event about Noah’s Ark​ comprising of an opera performance, a lecture on Noah and animal rights, and a climate change scientist giving his interpretation of the parable of Noah. Or perhaps you want to join me on March 7th for the newest installment in the “Hungry Hungry Humanities” series, “Eating is Understanding.” At this event, billed as a “multi-sensory, interactive foodie event,” the first 100 audience members get a bento box​ filled with food to eat throughout the presentation. And if you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I love food.

There’s so much going on this quarter. You have no reason to ever be bored. Let me know which events you’re thinking about going to!