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My Annual Summer Job

​​​Let me paint the picture for you: It was a sunny day in May 2011. I was a junior in high school. School let out at 3:30 and I had a job interview at the public library at 4:00. I lived on the same street as the high school, so I thought I would have enough time to run home, change into some nicer clothes, and walk to the library in time for my interview. Unsurprisingly, I’m pretty sure I got distracted with some food (typical) and realized I was running late. Thankfully, my biochemistry teacher saw me frantically sprinting to the library and asked if I needed a ride (Thank you, Mrs. Landsness!). A week later, the library gave me my first summer job (which was later extended throughout my entire senior year). This week, I returned to the library for my fifth summer in a row.

So, as you can probably infer from that masterfully written introduction, I’m finally back home for the summer! Words cannot describe how joyful I am to: (a) be done with school for a while, and (b) be in a house with a fully stocked kitchen again. I’m taking the time to be grateful for this situation, since it is most likely the last summer I’ll be spending at home. Next year, I have to stay in Chicago in order to take grad classes for my master’s (how impressive am I, right?).

The highly contested worm race trophies.
For this summer, I’m back at the library and I could honestly not be more excited. I love the staff, I have great hours, and there are usually some sort of treats in the break room. Today, someone brought in cookie dough brownies (I’m ashamed that I didn’t know they existed before today). Today was a significant day at the library for another reason, too: the annual worm race. 

“What?” you exclaim, convinced you misunderstood. Yes, you read that correctly. We race worms. We have judges, a wormbulance, and official team cheers. We even give out trophies for the fastest worms.

Amazing children’s programming aside, working at the library during high school helped me so much when I got to college. I mean, I knew how to navigate the library and its resources from the moment I walked in (which was so helpful). More importantly, it opened the door for me to find a job at school. I knew the basics about libraries, so during my sophomore year at DePaul, I applied to work at the library (and I still work there and make bank).  

An adorable selfie I took while waiting for worm race participants to show up. The wormbulance is visible in the background (located over my right shoulder, and I mean my right).
I guess this post is just my reflection about my final summer at home and the impact that my high school summer job has had on my life. I’ve gotten so much out of it and I’ve been so lucky to be asked back to the library every summer. It’s sad to think this is most likely my final worm race. Next year, everything is going to be different and I’m going to have to spend my own money if I want a kitchen as full as the one at my house. I’m so excited to move on with my life, but my little hometown library will always be special to me.