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Zoe Krey

Hello, friends!

My name is Zoe and I’m a political science major here at DePaul. Born but not raised in China, I’ve lived my whole life in Naperville, Illinois, which is a Chicago suburb. Despite my close vicinity to the Windy City, I’m just now discovering all this city has to offer, and I’m happy to have the ability to share all of my new discoveries with you. I enjoy writing, reading, eating, watching moves, and long walks on the beach. Did I mention eating? I’m easily entertained, love to have new experiences, and am not afraid to admit that I talk to my mom and dad on the daily.

I write to reflect; I believe that sometimes we surprise ourselves by what we put on paper. Sometimes our writing allows us to see a part of ourselves that we thought was hidden. Sometimes when we look back on certain moments at a later time, we’re able to comprehend them better. I hope my blog gives you a fresh perspective on life here at DePaul!

I’m no stranger to the complicated college search process; the typical college road trip that takes place over Spring Break where you pack your whole family into one crowded car, the countless college brochures telling you that [insert college name here] is the best place for you, and the various deadlines that end up dictating your senior year. Been there and done that. Despite the messy procedure of choosing a college, I made it through and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to DePaul- a place where the city is truly your campus.

By trial and error we will pursue our dreams, follow our hearts, and think with our heads, constantly searching for what we hope to become, and never forgetting where we started. I’m at the start of a journey of a lifetime, and I’m ready to report it all to you. Don’t hesitate to contact me or say hello if you see me! I hope you enjoy my blog!