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DePaul Student Discounts

This round of midterms is a little bit sweeter since I know they are my last. 

That’s not to suggest that I’m acting calm, cool, and collected by any means. I’m still stressed as ever, and I ate four Oreos today as an appetizer for my dinner to prove it. #NoRegrets.

Regardless, it feels good to be halfway done with my last quarter! The job search is going better than ever (stay tuned, details are to come), and my grades for the quarter are pretty solid going into this round of midterms. 

As I begin my last few weeks at DePaul EVER, I’ve been making an attempt to enjoy my awesome DePaul discounts that I’ll be missing. For the past 3 years, Demon Discounts have been my saving grace when it comes to going to the movies, eating out, and even shopping for new clothes. 

To honor all of the money-saving memories student discounts have given me, here is a list of some of my favorites. If you want the full rundown, check out the website Demon Discounts

Happy savings!    

Arts & Entertainment          

AMC Theaters: Movies everywhere are quite expensive, but Chicago’s prices are through the roof! Don’t pay $15 to go see a movie that you’ll eventually rent on Redbox. DePaul offers discounted movie tickets for $9 in the student involvement office. 

Art Institute of Chicago: DePaul students are admitted free to the museum every day, and Chicago residents are admitted free on Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students also enjoy ½ priced yearly memberships if you’re looking to skip lines, see exhibits early, and of course, gain access to the exclusive member lounge featuring free coffee and tea (highly recommend the membership option).               

Art Institute
She woke up like this. As seen at The Art Institute.
DePaul Theater School: Students receive discounted tickets (ranging from $5 to $15) to DePaul theater productions, depending on the type of production. I’ve even scored free tickets to DePaul productions through the Honors Program.

Divvy Bikes: Are you a biker that doesn’t have a bike? Turn that irony into a reality with Divvy’s yearly student membership. It’s $75 a year and with over 3,000 bikes in the city, it’s quite a bargain.

Spotify: As you might have noticed by the millions of advertisements on Spotify, students get 50% off Spotify memberships. Not a bad deal considering Spotify got me through every single class I’ve ever taken. 

The Second City: Need a laugh? How about one for 15% off? Students get discounted tickets on performances on Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday.

Food & Beverage

Berghoff: Home of the first liquor license in Chicago, DePaul students can enjoy 10% off delicious German food.
Zoe's Food
A beer flight, lamb burger, and sweet potato fries (for 10% off). 
Bourgeois Pig Cafe: Did you actually go to DePaul if you didn’t go to the Pig? Get a cup of joe and more for 10% off while studying on the homey second floor.

Cafe Ba-Ba Reeba: Spanish tapas for 20% off is music to my ears. Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba has delicious food and late hours, making it the perfect spot for late night bites in Lincoln Park. 

Dunkin’ Donuts: Never pay full price for a bagel to go while rushing to your 8:00 a.m. class in the loop again! DePaul students get 10% off.

Home Run Inn: Right off the Belmont station, you can get 20% off any size pizza. 

Jimmy Johns: 10% off makes the sandwiches taste that much better.

Nandos: Obsessed with Nandos right now, and how could I not be with 20% off?

Papa John’s: Once I ordered Papa John’s two times in one week (it was finals). And each time I used the discount and got 30% off. 

Stella Barra Pizzeria: One of Lincoln Park’s best restaurants, who knew that DePaul students get 20% off? Get here as soon as you can to enjoy my favorite pizza, the prosciutto and egg with a white cream sauce. Yum! 


American Apparel: Get 15% off your purchase at the Belmont location off the Red/Purple/Brown line.

H&M: As if you needed another reason to shop here, your student ID can get you 15% off your purchase.

Topshop: 10% off all year round. Ivy Park here I come.