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In Preparation for Halloween

Fall at DePaul! (Rhyme completely intended). While Chicago is a great place to live during any season, Fall is especially special. You would think that in the city you wouldn’t necessarily notice the leaves start to change or see pumpkins on doorsteps, but this isn’t the case. Fall is completely out and about, and I couldn’t be more excited.

For this upcoming Halloween, my roommate and I have decided to attend the Boystown Halloween Parade on Halsted. If you’ll be in Chicago this Friday, you should totally check it out.

The theme this year is “Freak Show.” While I’m not entirely sure what this means, I’m sure that it will be pretty spectacular. The parade kicks off at 8pm on the corner of Halsted and Belmont. It’s known for its fun music, crazy costumes and the huge crowd that attends. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to get into the low 30s tomorrow night, so dressing warm will be a necessity.

The other day while walking down Belmont I saw this interesting mannequin at a costume store (seen below) that I thought was quite funny. I really wish I had a horse head mask to sport this holiday. Despite Halloween being tomorrow, I still have no idea what to dress up as. I’m hoping I can find something in my closet that I can turn into a really rad costume. Fingers crossed.

Fall is a great time to be in Chicago. I love when the leaves turn sunset orange and red, the wind starts to pick up, and Trader Joe’s adds the word “pumpkin” to all their products. Wherever you’re at this Fall, I hope it treats you well!