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Macy's Flower Show

Spring was in the air this week and the Macy’s Flower Show gave new meaning to the ol’ saying April showers bring May flowers. Last weekend, Macy’s hosted their annual Flower Show on the ninth floor of their State Street Location. This year, the theme was “Secret Garden” and the show featured crowd favorites of roses, pansies, lilies and much more in their floral displays. Of course more obscure plants and flowers were featured such as the east palatka holly, muhly grass, spider plant, sandy bromeliad, moonlight philodendron, etc.

It was amazing how Macy’s moved so much greenery onto the ninth floor. The space that was used revealed no white space or left any area uncovered. In fact, my friends and I wondered if the flowers and grass in some parts of the area were fake. Small details brought everything in the garden together, such as the display of pennies in their fake pond and mini mushrooms in the corner of the garden.

Additionally, the Flower Show had many other attractions that took place throughout the week. Games, cooking demonstrations, arts & crafts, a garden-inspired fashion show, and 3D chalk art were included in this Macy’s event. My friends and I got to see the 3D chalk art which was created by chalk art master Shaun Hays. I’ve never seen a 3D chalk painting in real life before, so it was really cool to be able to walk on it and take pictures with it. Hays spent the whole week of the flower show creating the illusionary image, but luckily we came when the art was totally complete.

Something that was nice about the Secret Garden was that inside the garden there weren’t any promotional events going on. It was peaceful, quiet, and cheerful as the background was filled with the sound of the mini waterfall working in the back of the garden and chirping birds played from the speakers. However, outside was fair game in terms of promotion and marketing. Macy’s Flower Show apparel, a Macy’s Flower Show café, and new Spring merchandise by Macy’s lined every inch of the walls and floors in the entrance to the Garden. However, it was hard to mind all this marketing after leaving the peaceful garden feeling very tranquil.

The Macy’s Flower Show was the perfect way to get excited for Spring and the beautiful garden is definitely a must-see (and free) event. I definitely will be checking out the Macy’s Flower Show next year as well. Are you excited for Spring?

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