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Mid-term Week and the Advantages of the Quarter System

I can’t believe it’s that time already?! Mid-terms… oh joy. Despite the stress building up and the lack of sleep, I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the quarter system. DePaul has three quarters for the academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. While taking three classes classifies you as a full time student, most students take four.

The biggest downfall of the quarter system is that it does feel like you’re always testing at times. While the semester school experience has two sets of mid-terms and two sets of finals, those on the quarter system experience three sets of mid-terms and three sets of finals. Although at first glance this may seem very unfortunate, keep in mind that our finals and mid-terms cover a reasonable amount of material. Rather than cramming for a final that includes fifteen weeks of material, with the quarter system your final only covers 10 weeks. That five week difference is HUGE. 

I think that the quarter system really allows you to focus on your subject at hand. Although you don’t stay with the same classes for half the year, it forces you to be fully immersed in the topic for a mere ten weeks. Think of it this way: ten weeks with four classes or fifteen weeks with five? With that math, I’d chose the quarter system any day!

Just to give you some background on what mid-terms are looking like for me (a double major- Political Science and PR and Advertising), I’ll give a quick synopsis of my fun week: 

Creative Writing (English 201): For my fine arts elective I chose to take creative writing. I felt that if I were to take painting, sculpting, or acting, I would probably fail out… Needless to say, I’m really enjoying creative writing right now. It’s a nice creative break in my schedule. I am thanking my lucky stars that we do not have a mid-term in class! Although, I am working on a 500 word story that’s due Thursday…

States, Markets and Societies (Honors 201): Being an Honors Program student, all of my general education requirements are honors classes. While I enjoy the challenge, it certainly is a bit more rigorous than my other classes. While we don’t have a formal mid-term, I do have an annotated bibliography due this Wednesday for my research topic. This is eventually going to help me write my 15-20 page paper on capitalism and democracy (wish me luck!)

Introduction to Communication (Communication 101): I had my mid-term paper due on Monday (I wrote it on normative relationships in the NBC show The Office) and I have my multiple choice exam on Wednesday! Pretty straight forward! Lots of vocab terms and memorization. 

World Ethics in Politics (Political Science 347): This quarter I decided to take an advanced political science course. Man, is it hard and also depressing at times (we’re watching Hotel Rwanda…), but it’s very interesting and thought provoking! We have our mid-term paper due on Thursday. Kind of nervous for this one! 

So there you have it! That’s mid-terms in a nutshell! Of course it varies depending on your schedule, but for me, papers are pretty typical. If you’re experiencing mid-terms I wish you the best of luck!