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Mr. Salsa is my Best Friend

One of the greatest friends I’ve made in Chicago thus far is Mr. Salsa.

Mr. Salsa is always there for me. I think we get along so well because we have similar interests. Whenever I introduce my friends to him, they fall in love.

Plot twist: Mr. Salsa is a restaurant; it makes the best tacos, burritos and tamales around. However, this minor fact doesn’t change our friendship one bit. This has been the only restaurant where I have openly cried tears of joy because of how delicious the food was.

I make an effort to go to Mr. Salsa whenever I have a free moment around lunch time. In between the Sheridan and Wilson red line stops, Mr. Salsa is one of those hidden treasures. With a small sitting area, Mr. Salsa always seems crowded -this is a complete fallacy because the “restaurant” literally sits like 10 people...but still.

Mr. Salsa Interior

Not to mention, Mr. Salsa has very affordable prices. This past weekend, I ordered two tacos and two tamales and paid just under $10 (fyi -they only take cash). Now that’s living on a budget. I ate everything I ordered. I may or may not had to have someone carry me out because I was so full, but no big deal. It happens to the best of us.

This past weekend, I decided to ignore my 20 page research paper and make a trip out to my best friend! My roommate and I met up with my former roommate to catch up and eat some delicious tacos. We sat at Mr. Salsa for 2 hours filling each other in what we’ve been doing this quarter. Who doesn’t love a good roommate reunion!?



My love of tacos really cannot be put into words. Just thinking about them right now is making my stomach growl and the tears start to well up in my eyeballs. Holy guacamole, I could really go for a taco right now.

Basically in short, if you haven’t met my friend Mr.Salsa, you haven’t actually had a taco. I recommend this hidden treasure to anyone who likes heavenly tamales, burritos, enchiladas and tacos, and is looking to make a new friend. I know that Mr. Salsa and I will continue to have a very strong friendship throughout my time here in Chicago.