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Open House Chicago

The Old Chicago Inn
Last weekend reaffirmed my love of the city of Chicago. I happened to be walking down the street when I saw a sign outside the Old Chicago Inn on Sheffield Avenue stating that the Inn was an Open House Chicago​ location. ​

Chicago is many things, but it is never boring. I must sound like a broken record saying that there is always something to do in the city, but it’s true. 

Open House Chicago is a free public festival put on by the Chicago Architecture Foundation that offers behind the scenes access to 200 buildings across Chicago. This year the festival took place on October 17 and 18. 

My roommate and I walked down the block to take a short tour of the infamous Old Chicago Inn we must have passed right by 1,000 times since moving to our apartment. It was amazing to see the inside and experience the 1920s themed speakeasy we had heard about. Located in the basement, patrons could even order drinks at the bar while walking around the Inn. 

We next ventured off to the loop where we made three stops: the Continental Illinois Bank Building, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Money Museum, and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Each of these buildings was extravagant for its decor and amenities. 

The Continental Illinois Bank building ​featured an old basement vault that attendees could walk through and the Architecture office housed models of buildings from around the world. It was great to be able to see these places that are normally off limits. 

If you can plan a visit to Chicago during Open House Chicago, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Enjoy my pictures!

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Money Museum
Me at the Continental Illinois Bank Building
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture