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One of the best parts of my experience at DePaul has been having the opportunity to meet some very passionate individuals who are dedicated to creating change in our world. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who are able to step outside of themselves to address issues that are relevant to others.

I previously blogged about my efforts with the Student Debt Reform Super PAC and the great opportunity for collaboration with one of my previous professors and fellow classmates that it presents, and the current project I’m working on is no different. My friend Sam has started his own blog called Queer Daily. Queer Daily is dedicated to being a space for members of the LGBTQA community to share their ideas, opinions and stories.

The blog was started in late January of this year and has already generated about 20,000 views in the first three months. The blog features poems, comics, personal stories and opinions pertaining to LGBTQA related issues from writers across the country.

This quarter, I am acting as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of this grassroots writing effort in order to bring awareness to the issues of the LGBTQA community. Sam and I are currently trying to gain more writers as well as generate more views for Queer Daily.

Queer Daily publishes five stories per week on Mondays thru Fridays. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from readers of the blog as well. So far I have written four times for Queer Daily, and it’s really rewarding to know that my blog posts are being read and are hopefully making a difference for members of the LGBTQA community.

With the recent controversy surrounding the state of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and its ability to potentially allow businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers, it is clear that the LGBTQA community is a force to be reckon with.

Since grassroots efforts were largely behind causing change to the law, perhaps the LGBTQA community is stronger today than it has ever been before.

If you’re interested in writing for Queer Daily, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sam or I to join our writers’ list. We work with our writers to improve their writing techniques, and writing for this positive blog is a really rewarding experience. I also used some of my posts as a writing sample for an internship I am applying for during the summer. Being able to write down that I am a Co-Editor-in-Chief of a successful startup blog is a great thing to be able to put on my resume.

Sam can be reached at sschwindt@queerdailynews.com, and please check out our blog at queerdailynews.com​.

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