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The DePaulia: Best Non-Daily Newspaper in the State

I secretly live in the basement of University Hall​. The office of DePaul’s student-run newspaper, The DePaulia​, is located in this lovely dungeon of a space and my job as the Opinions Editor means I spend many a night cooped up inside of here.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working for The DePaulia for a multitude of reasons. While I’m not a journalism major, I find the art of crafting news to be quite fascinating. I enjoy being informed about the latest developments at DePaul, and appreciate having an outlet that allows me to be critical of DePaul's administration.

I’ve had a lot of cool opportunities to cover DePaul events and get involved in the world of journalism this year. My job as Opinions Editor entails assigning stories every week to my writers, editing these stories, and then using Adobe InDesign to format my two-page section layout. There was definitely a learning curve at the beginning and deadlines were tough to make, but with each issue I learn something new and it gets easier and easier to do my job.

I’ve covered a variety of topics this year, not only for my section but also for News, Focus, and Nation & World. One of my longer opinion pieces about sexual assault awareness on campus won First Place Non-Sports Column at a Non-Daily Newspaper by the Illinois College Press Association​ — a title I am very proud of and grateful to have earned.

​I’ve also written about hackers, bookstores, Valentine’s Day​, debates, climate change, and tons of other topics. Writing is something that I am very passionate about, but it doesn’t always come easy to me. There have been plenty of times where I’ve stared at a blank screen for what seems like days on end. But suddenly, an idea comes to mind and I just have to run with it.

I have made some of my best friends at the DePaulia and learn something from them every day. We all bring something unique to the table and our collaborations over the past year have earned The DePaulia Best Non-Daily Newspaper in the state by the Illinois College Press Association. 
A few Friday's ago, The DePaulia hosted debates for the Student Government Association (SGA) candidates. We used the #dpelect to send receive any questions that students had for the candidates. We livestreamed the debates on our website at​.

I encourage everyone to not only read The DePaulia to find out what the latest and greatest news is around campus, but to also become involved in creating news. It’s easy to join and all of our editors will work with writers to develop their journalism skills. It doesn’t hurt to have a few news clips for your resume as well.

I hope you tuned in last Thursday night and Friday to watch the DePaulia’s SGA Debates! Whether you are a potential or current student, SGA and its members are important for the functioning of our student organizations and the budgets that are allocated to them. Choosing candidates wisely can only work to your benefit in the future.