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The Secret Lecture

​Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see Veronica Gerber Bicecci, a Mexican writer and visual artist, speak at DePaul. Veronica gave a short lecture and then read some of her writings. Her lecture was titled “The Secret Lecture,” and was about the nature of secrets. As a creative writer, she linked the concept of secrets to storytelling. She shared how the narrator and the reader keep a secret together, as they both know something that the other characters in a story do not. 

I thought her lecture was very interesting because of her comparison of literature to cryptography. This year I am a taking a creative writing class to fulfill my fine arts requirement, and it’s really interesting to learn about how creative writing is constructed. Veronica understands the process well and because of this she has earned many literary awards.

She talked about how secrets are mute; they are invisible, inaudible, and indecipherable. Showing us hieroglyphics and classified documents, she created a visual for the concept of a secret. 

Overall, I thought her lecture was extremely timely due to the technological era we currently live in. With social media, it almost becomes impossible to keep a secret. 

At the end of the lecture she handed out slips of paper with her own secret written on them. The catch? It’s written in sign language which then translates to Spanish. The ultimate cryptography. 

If you’re interested in checking out any of her writings, -which you should be because she is really talented- check out her website:​