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The Wizard of Oz on the Big B

Last weekend I had the privilege of going to see The Wizard of Oz on Broadway with my residence hall FOR FREE! I am the champion at taking advantage of free events. Generally, the residence halls will host a few events per quarter for residents to go to. In the past we have had opportunities to grab tickets to free events such as Broadway tickets to the musical Chicago, Chicago Bulls tickets, an outing to an apple orchard, and we just had an opportunity to get Cubs vs. Sox tickets last week (Shout out to our Residence Director Amanda for arranging these awesome events! Seton Hall is the bomb).

These events are always fun because normally my whole floor participates, and the Wizard of Oz was no exception. In my opinion, the play was geared towards families with young kids rather than college students (no surprise there) but I definitely am one to enjoy the corniness of family humor. Our seats were pretty much nosebleed status seats and I think I need glasses so I definitely couldn't see any distinct features, but the play overall was pretty good.

A lot of crazy technology and screens were used and I thought the tornado scene in the beginning was pretty awesome. A video of twirling madness and farm junk swirled through the air as a smoke machine helped to also set the mood. The best part of the play was Toto!!!! Played by a real life dog named Nigel, the dog was so obedient throughout the whole play and ran on command and jumped on command and possible even barked on command (that might have been pre recorded but it's Broadway so I'll assume no.) Nigel is so famous and he doesn't even know it. That dog is going places just you wait.

The Wizard of Oz was shown at the Cadillac Palace right off of the Lake Red Line stop. About an 18-minute trip away from campus! I've been to this theatre before and it's so beautiful inside. With chandeliers and ornate walls, Palace is the perfect word for its name. Additionally, the Cadillac Palace is across the street from the best restaurant in the world called Petterinos. Although I didnt get a change to grab a nice (not to mention expensive) dinner there, if you're ever in the city and want dinner and a show, Petterinos and then the Cadillac Palace is the route to go. Overall, I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go to the Wizard of Oz and cant wait for our next great Seton outing!

I hope finals and your last days of school are going well! Especially for those seniors! It's crazy how much will happen during this next year, but always remember to enjoy the moment and every once in a while to think back to where your journey began : )