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Year 2 and Independent Living

​​Year two already?! Seriously, where did the time go? Now that I’m a big, bad sophomore, I’ve got A LOT more on my plate this year. Despite the stress and the difficulty of finding time to sleep, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Well I’ll probably spend my next few blog posts shamelessly plugging various DePaul student groups, I think it’s important to give a shout out to all the high schoolers out there! Whether you’re itching to get out of high school or you’re already feeling nostalgic, remember to take a few moments of the year to appreciate where you’re at. 

A lot of things in high school prepared me for life in college, and I think it’s important to not take this time of your life for granted. I mean, your textbooks are free...I didn’t understand how beautiful this concept was until it was too late. Cherish your free textbooks, hold them close at night.

That being said, college is of course, quite awesome. This year I have embarked on a new journey: independent living. And man, is it an interesting one. I’m currently living off the Belmont Red Line stop on the edge of Lakeview and Wriglyville with my two roommates (S/O to Emily and Marcus!)

​​With a monthly rent payment and bills with my name on it, I think it’s safe to say that I am officially living the life of a poor college student. Although I’ve eaten my fair share of Ramen in the past month, I do have to say that my new status doesn’t upset me. I think that being a poor college student is a right of passage as a young adult. And being able to say that I am renting my own apartment in Chicago makes every night of Ramen worth it. 

Independent living forces you to learn a lot of life lessons in a short period of time. But for the life lessons you need advice on, it’s great to call up the parental units. I’ve called my parents at any odd hour to ask them any questions regarding: when mushrooms go bad, what temperature is appropriate to turn the heat on, advice for heckling a landlord, how to get rid of bacon grease, thawing meat in a jiff, ya know, typical subjects that parents have a wealth of knowledge on.

I’m sure I’ll have some great blogs about independent living this upcoming year. Be sure to stay tuned for the mishaps, successes, laughs, and more life lessons! I can guarantee you that there will be all of the above.

Stay gold! ​