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The DePaul Activities Board

One of the most intriguing parts of DePaul is the amazing community that the student body creates. There is always something fun happening on campus. If you walk through the “Stu”, or the Student Center, there are many events happening in and around that building. The events are free, engaging, and full of food! 

The organization that produces the most events is the DePaul Activities Board, or DAB. They have six committees that focus on different events for the student body. They run about 100 events each year and, for a student who is not involved in the organization itself, I enjoy going to these drop-in events. Listed below are the six committees and the top event they ran this year. 

1) DePaul After Dark. Every single Thursday, this committee has a fun events to end the week of classes. The most exciting event they had this quarter was “Bump Your Way Into the Weekend”, with bumper cars for the students to ride. 

2) Social Change. The most attended event they had this quarter was the Black Excellence Show Case, where a series of black-lead businesses showcased what they have done in their organization. Social Change has also done fun events like Parade to the Polls and Cookies and the Constitution. 

3) Arts and Media. The fun event (that I also personally enjoyed) was their Harry Potter event. They took one of our old buildings and decked it out with Harry Potter memorabilia. They served “dragon” eggs, pretzel wands, and “phoenix” hot wings. There was wand-making, trivia, fortune-telling, and pin-making. 

4) FEST. This committee is focused on one event, and that is the music festival in the Spring Quarter. We don’t know what the artist is this year, but the past artists have been Jesse McCartney, T-Pain, Childish Gambino, and ASAP Ferg. 

5) Signature Events. The Coffeehouse Series and “Sundaes on a Monday” are the long series events that this committee specifically focuses on. 

6) Amusement. The event this quarter that got the most people to come was the Snow Domes on the Quad. People could go inside of clear domes and do homework. 

You should follow the DePaul Activities Board on Instagram (@dab_depaul) and go to their events! It is so much fun!