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Film Philosophy at DePaul

One of the most interesting classes I’ve taken at DePaul is Film Philosophy (DC 227). The class is an introduction to philosophy that also uses film as a way to examine philosophical ideas. I took the class back in Winter Quarter and it was a lot of fun. 

As a film production minor, it was really interesting to learn about film and art in a new way and mixing them with philosophical ideas. It was super interesting looking at films in a new way and applying philosophical ideas to the characters and the story line. 

Most people think philosophy classes are boring, but that is completely not true! This class was really interesting because we discussed philosophical ideas that are relevant to every person, and we got to learn it in the context of the film’s plot and characters. Many of the movies we watched and learned about were classics, mainly from the 70s and 80s like Apocalypse Now and All That Jazz

This was really interesting because a lot of these movies I had never seen before and I wouldn’t have watched them if I wasn’t in this class. This class definitely makes you see and think about movies differently and it's a really great class to take if you need to fulfill the Philosophical Inquiry requirement but you want to learn philosophy in an interesting way.