St. Patrick's Day in the Chi

In case you were not already aware, this past weekend was St. Patrick’s Day! Chicago is known as one of the best cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and it truly lives up to all of the expectations. The river is dyed green, everyone is wearing green, Irish music is blasting on the streets, and there is a great parade! St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago is such a big deal, that many of my friends had visitors for the weekend just to celebrate our heritage and view the green river for themselves.​

st. patrick's day
DePaul has finals this week, so the downtown festivity of the river being dyed was a great reason to take a little break from studying and enjoy the beautiful weather. Speaking of studying for finals, I am going to give a few tips that have helped me be the most prepared for my finals these past 2 ½ years.

1. Don’t wait until the night before to start studying. Even if you study for fifteen minutes everyday about three days before your final, you will do much better than studying for three hours straight the night before.
2. Quizlet is your best friend! If you have a final with a lot of definitions and terms, making a quizlet is a very fun and easy way to learn them.
3. Get a study group together! If you have a few friends in your class, have a pizza party at your house (or have the pizza delivered to the library!) and quiz each other. Studying with friends is a lot more fun and it helps me stay focused. My friends push me to continue studying and help me to avoid the temptation of going on Instagram two minutes into reading over the terms.

I hope these three tips are useful for you all for this week and for future finals you may take! 
Good luck on all of your finals, DePaul! :) 

the chicago river, green