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Alumni Insurance Program

Available to alumni

Company Information

American Insurance Administrators (AIA) of Columbus, Ohio, is the marketer and administrator of The DePaul University Alumni Insurance Program.

AIA is the nation's premier provider of insurance programs for college and university alumni associations. Since 1978, AIA has been marketing and administering insurance plans specially designed for graduating students and alumni.

More than 300 alumni associations have selected AIA to provide these services, representing 13 million alumni and 500,000 graduating students each year, making AIA the largest company of its kind.

Discount Information

Whether you're newly graduated, are established with a family and career, or are getting ready to enjoy a well-earned retirement, The Alumni Insurance Program — sponsored by the DePaul University Office of Alumni Relations — helps you at every stage of your life. AIA offers a wide variety of insurance plans, including health, life and travel insurance for alumni of DePaul University.

Getting the Discount

To receive a quote on any insurance offering, please visit the AIA website.​​​​​