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Smooth Wind Kites

Available to Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students

Company Description

We believe that flying a kite can mean many different things to each individual person. It can be an incredibly soothing experience. Grab a single line kite, stand on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view. It can be exhilarating. Launch a stunt kite and learn all the tricks, twists, dips and dives in low wind or high wind. It can be an ideal family experience. Grab a few kites for the whole family and spend a day at the park.

We started Smooth Wind Kites because we wanted everyone to experience this joy. Being from Chicago and attending DePaul, the opportunities for flying a kite are endless. Between the expansive parks and the beaches — not to mention the wind — flying a kite is the perfect activity for everyone. First-timer or questions about flying a kite? We are always available to help.

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