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Available to alumni, DPAM, faculty, parents, retirees, staff and students

Company Description

Shipping stuff is a hassle. To ship an item, you have to first purchase a box and packaging items, print labels, stand in line at the post office and then save your receipts to track your packages. At ShipBob, we take care of all the steps from packaging to tracking so that you can spend your time on things that matter to you more.

You can use our web form or smart phone application (Android) to schedule a pickup. Once your order is confirmed, a ShipBob agent (Ship Captain) will come over to your location within 30 minutes and collect the item(s) from you. We will package the item for you, and mail it via the lowest-cost carrier for the selected shipping option. We will price shop for you across all carriers (USPS, FedEx and UPS) to give you the lowest cost possible, saving you time and money.

ShipBob is a DePaul alumni-owned business.

Discount Information

  • Free pickup and packaging of items (normally $5)

Getting the Discount

Simply show your DePaul ID at the time of pickup.

1-844-4-SHIPBOB (844) 474-4726