DePaul Distinctions showcases the academic excellence of DePaul University. Launched in 2009, the magazine has three clear purposes: 

  • To broaden awareness throughout the university community of the special things that characterize DePaul’s academic objectives and accomplishments. 


  • To highlight examples of DePaul's success in achieving the primary goal of the VISION twenty12 strategic plan: enriching academic quality.


  • To enable faculty and staff to share these stories of success with friends and colleagues, not just in Chicago, but around the world — stories that illustrate how DePaul is becoming one of the finest Catholic universities in the United States. 

The online magazine covers the many ways DePaul stands apart: the noteworthy research and scholarship of our faculty; our one-of-a-kind courses and curricula; the techniques and technologies we use to enhance student learning; and our strategies and programs for delivering a values-based education within the university’s Catholic, Vincentian, and urban tradition.

The people and works highlighted in Distinctions are truly inspiring.

The story telling in Distinctions is one way we share our successes publicly, as we follow St. Vincent’s (​slightly modified) directive: “It is not enough to do good; it must be done well…and you must tell everyone about it.”  Please help us spread the word about DePaul.