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Identity, Intersectionality & Social Justice

​Professional Development in Identity, Intersectionality, and Social Justice is an Egan initiative being funded by the internal DePaul Academic Growth and Innovation (AGIF) grant. Dr. Lourdes Torres and Margaret Storey received this grant for the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences for three years. This initiative engages Chicago area nonprofits on topics of identity, intersectionality, and social justice. Through a workshop series, ongoing professional development, and action projects, the initiative supports social justice non-profits in growing their intersectional lens to better serve their communities.

The first phase of the initiative was a 9-week workshop series for non-profit professionals on identity, intersectionality, and social justice.

For phase 2, participants will be training their staff in the topics covered during the workshops with the support of DePaul interns.

For phase 3, participants, staff, and DePaul interns will work with their organization to create an action project.

Participating community organizations include the Center on Halsted, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Westside Justice Center, the Southwest Suburban Immigration Project, and more.