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League of Legends

League of Legends began its history at DePaul in 2018 with the launch of the competition in the BIG EAST. Since its inception, the community has consistently grown and provided opportunities for engagement. Our League community currently is our largest competitive community at DePaul with teams competing at a varsity level, JV level, and academy level. In addition to competitive teams, League of Legends has a robust student organization that allows for recreational players to gather. Annually, tryouts for League of Legends take place in the fall but players looking to join competitive teams should reach out for opportunities to join JV and academy level teams throughout the year.

Related Student Organization

DePaul League of Legends (DPULOL)

DePaul League of Legends (DPULOL)

​DePaul League of Legends is the premiere organization for finding other Summoners on DePaul's campus to share tips and tricks and socialize with events.​

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Other Opportunities to Get Involved

  • DePaul Gaming League Tournaments
  • Weekly pick-up games in the DePaul Esports Gaming Center
  • Pick up games in the DePaul League of Legends Discord

League of Legends - Varsity Team

Established: January 2018
Leagues: FACEIT Collegiate CSGO League and other local tournaments
Notable Accomplishments:

  • 2021 Fall BIG EAST Champions
  • 2020 & 2021 State Street Showdown Champions
  • 1st Place in League of Legends for the 2020 Vincentian Cup
  • 2019 BIG EAST Fall Championship – 1st Place
  • In 2019, DePaul’s League of Legends team ended the season ranked 26th nationally in the ESPN College League of Legends Coaches Poll.
  • 2018 BIG EAST Spring Championship – 2nd Place
James Go
James Go
xo Mystix
Joel  Alvarez
Joel Alvarez
Kevin  Forbes
Kevin Forbes
Mikhail Alenichev
Mikhail Alenichev
William Taylor
William Taylor

League of Legends - Academy Red Team

Aaron  Ho
Aaron Ho

League of Legends - Academy Blue Team