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Operational Hours

DePaul Esports Gaming Center Temporarily Closed

A Note from Program Administrators:

Given that the on-campus presence has been reduced further as announced in the 8/12 Newsline, we have decided to delay the reopening of the Loop Gaming Center. We will continue to reevaluate the situation as we go through the quarter, but after consulting with health and safety teams around the university, we think this is the best course of action at this time. We are still planning for robust experiences in our virtual environment, including the continuation of the DePaul Gaming League and our weekly streaming series. Additionally, we are adding opportunities for competition with other universities, including a virtual State Street Showdown and the newly added Vincentian Cup with Niagra and St. John’s.

When it comes to our competitive teams, we will be connecting with each of them following the coordinated tryout effort to ensure our competitive players have connections are sufficient to compete remotely. If there are any individuals that have concerns, please connect with to di​scuss option in a one on one basis.

As you may have heard, we were also in the works to launch a Console Gaming Center in Lincoln Park for this fall. With this shift, we have also decided to suspend the opening of that space. As we are doing in the Loop, we will continue to evaluate the situation and open if we are able.

Taking care of DePaul, together.