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If you are part of a student organization or department and would like to host a workshop, we are here to help. Based on your needs, we can customize a workshop just for you! Some topics we have used in the past are listed below. If you would like a topic that isn't listed below for your workshop just ask!

To schedule a workshop, please email

Student Loans
You know they exist, but you don't know exactly what they all mean. Learn about the different types of student loans, how to estimate your debt load upon graduation, and what some of your repayment options may be.

Understanding Credit
Do you know how your credit habits will affect your lifestyle? Learn important information about choosing credit cards, understanding credit reports and credit scores and managing existing credit card debt.

Savings Plans that Won't Fail
We all want to save but know that it can be hard to stick to a savings plan. Learn some strategies for saving and will help you to set reasonable and attainable goals that will help motivate you to keep your savings on track. Once you have goals in place both savings and budgeting become easier.

The Graduate's Guide to Financial Success
This workshop will provide graduating students with simple strategies to help them become financially successful. Topics covered include repayment of school loans, how to create a realistic budget for a full-time job and credit strategies.

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