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​Consolidation simplifies your repayment process.

Consolidating a loan means that you take all the loans you accumulated throughout your college career and combine them into one. Generally, you are eligible to consolidate after you graduate, leave school or drop below half-time enrollment.

If you have federal loans that are held by different lenders, the consolidation process allows you to make only one payment. You may still opt for the repayment plan​ that suits your needs. Check out the other advantages of consolidating your federal education loans at the Federal Student Aid website​.

If you have private loans, you cannot consolidate them with your federal student loans. You may be able to consolidate them with your private lender or through another private loan consolidation servicer. A private consolidation loan requires a credit check, and some people have found that repayment under their original plans is cheaper.

How do I consolidate my loans?

Contact your lenders to consolidate your loans into one payment. For more information on consolidating private student loans, take a look at these pages from and The Simple Dollar.

To get help consolidating your loans, meet with a Financial Fitnes​s advisor.​​