Statement from DePaul University president about profane graffiti on campus

CHICAGO — Very early this morning, Public Safety received a call from the College Republicans reporting that someone had painted on the sidewalk in the Quad the words Trump 2016 and F__K Mexico. This was not written in chalk, but rather a paint-like substance that was difficult to remove. The university filed a criminal damage to property report with the Chicago Police Department and Public Safety is investigating the incident.

In response to this profane graffiti, the Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., president of DePaul University, issued the following statement:

“The markings in the Quad last night run contrary to the type of environment we foster at DePaul. Destruction of property and profanity are never acceptable ways to voice opinions. This slur against Mexicans goes against everything DePaul stands for. We will work to identify the individual, file charges with the police, and bring the university's disciplinary process to bear. If anyone has knowledge of this matter, I ask them to come forward.

“As I said in my April letter to the campus community, ‘The responsibility for a vibrant intellectual debate rests with everyone.’ I encourage the campus community to raise your voices in support of our friends and colleagues of Mexican descent."