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24 Hour Evening & Weekend Rules & Regulations

DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY: Automobiles must be operated and parked in a manner that assures the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians on the lot. Parking is permitted in marked parking spaces only. Responsibility for finding legal parking spaces rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities does not justify parking violations. 1. SPACE AVAILABILITY - A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only the opportunity to enter a specified lot to seek an authorized parking space. 2. PERMIT OWNERSHIP - A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on university property. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the university.

PERMIT DISPLAY: It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to display the permit in accordance with the University parking regulations. The issued “hang tag” permit, valid September 1st through August 31st , must be hung from the rear view mirror (registration number forward) at all times when the vehicle is parked on University property, in such a manner as to be readily seen from the front of the vehicle. A “sticker” permit must be attached to the inside of the front windshield on the right hand (passenger) side. A parking permit is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the vehicle.

REQUIREMENTS: Students, faculty and staff must register any motor vehicle to be parked in the Lincoln Park Campus lots and garages. Any changes to registered vehicles, (including plate number changes or any other vehicle information) must be reported to Parking Services in order for a permit to be valid. Parking permits will be sold to employees and students of DePaul University. Parking permits may be purchased at Lincoln Park DePaul Central/Payment Center, located in the Schmidt Academic Center Room 101, at any time during business hours during the course of the year. If a replacement should be necessary during their valid period, the permit holder should contact the Parking Services Office, 2320 North Kenmore Avenue, Room 177. Special permits are also available for persons that have purchased a hanging permit, but forgot to place it on the vehicle they are driving to campus that day.

PARKING REGULATIONS: All vehicles using the campus parking lots and garages must display a valid DePaul parking hang tag or sticker. Faculty and staff lots, especially Lot E, are reserved for faculty and staff only. Students are restricted to those lots designated for student use. Parking is prohibited in any area other than specifically designated parking spaces. Lot H is reserved for the sole use of St. Vincent’s Church from Saturday 9am to Sunday 10pm. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, loading docks, drive lanes, driveways, on sidewalks, or other restricted areas are subject to immediate tow at the owner's expense. Vehicles failing to comply with all above regulations will be subject to a Chicago Police Department summons and/or towed at the owner's expense. Possession of a parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. When parking on the city streets all vehicles are subject to city and state parking ordinances, which are enforced by the Chicago Police Department.

ENFORCEMENT: General enforcement will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. The Parking Services and Public Safety offices are authorized to remove, at the owner's expense any vehicle not displaying a valid permit. The Parking Services and Public Safety offices are authorized to remove from University property, without warning, any motor vehicle under the following circumstances: a vehicle parked illegally in a fire lane, driveway, loading dock, reserved space, handicap space, or any vehicle displaying a reported lost, stolen, forged, or altered parking permit. Any vehicle parked in university lots without a valid parking permit will be towed immediately at owner's expense.

SHEFFIELD PARKING FACILITY/CLIFTON PARKING DECK and SURFACE LOTS (Not including Lincoln Garage): The Sheffield Parking Facility at 2331 North Sheffield Avenue and the Clifton Parking Deck at 2330 North Clifton Avenue, are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The facilities will be operated the same as a surface lot open to students, faculty and staff. Parking in the facilities and surface lots will be first come, first serve on a daily basis. Those purchasing a 24 hour/day permit will be entered into the DePaul I.D. card access system. The I.D. of the permit holder MUST be used to swipe in and out of the parking decks. All regular 24 hour/day permit holders will be allowed to park 24 hours a day in the Sheffield Parking Facility and the Clifton Parking Deck. All Student Clifton 24 hour/day permit holders are allowed to park 24 hours a day in the Clifton Parking Deck ONLY. Note: motorcycles are not permitted in either parking deck, and must display the proper parking sticker when parking in flat lots. See Parking Services for additional information. Operating times may be modified in the future. The facilities and surface lots are not to be used for storage. Your vehicle must be moved once a week out of the garage to prevent it from being towed.

SCHOOL OF MUSIC PARKING: The School of Music Parking Facility at 804 W. Belden Avenue is ONLY open during regular School of Music business hours. The parking facility will be operated on a first come, first serve basis for faculty and staff only. Those purchasing this permit will be entered into the DePaul I.D. card access system to swipe in and out of the parking garage. There is NO overnight parking in this garage. Your vehicle must be moved out of this facility nightly to prevent it from being towed. This permit will also allow parking in all flat lots. Note: motorcycles are not permitted in the School of Music parking deck, and must display the proper parking sticker when parking in flat lots. See Parking Services for additional information.

VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: Vehicle accidents occurring on University property must be immediately reported to the Public Safety office.

PARKING FOR THE PHYSICALLY IMPAIRED: Parking is available in each paved lot and the parking garages. Vehicles utilizing handicap spaces must display a handicap designated license plate or sticker and a DePaul Parking permit. Students with mobility impairment should register with Disabled Student Services and contact Parking Services at (773) 325-7275 for specific parking information.

USE OF MULTIPLE VEHICLES: Faculty, staff and students may register multiple vehicles with Parking Services. Only registered vehicles displaying a valid permit will be considered legally parked.

LOT CLOSURE: From time to time, a special event may dictate the closure of a certain parking lot. In this case, a sign will be prominently posted no less than 24 hours in advance of the event. Every effort will be made to contact permit holders prior to the event to avoid towed relocation of the vehicle. Permit holders will be able to use alternate lots. During the summer months, any and all lots are subject to closure depending on the needs of the University.

SNOW REMOVAL: After or during snow fall of 2” or more, all lots are closed for snow removal from 10:00 PM to 7:00AM. All vehicles must be removed from all lots. During snow removal please park all vehicles in one of the two parking structures, except on the roof.

ALUMNI: Alumni members purchasing 24 hour permits are only permitted to park in the Clifton Parking Deck.

LOST OR STOLEN PERMITS: The theft or loss of a parking permit should be reported to Parking Services promptly after discovery. After the Parking Services Lost/Stolen Report has been filed, a lost or stolen permit will be replaced. Recovered lost or stolen permits should be returned to Parking Services immediately. There will be a $20.00 replacement fee for lost permits.

REVOCATION: Parking permits and its privileges remain the property of the University. A person who purchases a parking permit and is in violation of University parking regulations can have his/her parking permit revoked by University Parking Services.

LIABILITY: No liability is created by the granter of parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by DePaul University. The University assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of vehicles or its contents while operated or parked on University property. Parking Services and Public Safety, however, do make regular tours of all parking facilities.

PERMIT RETURN OR REIMBURSEMENT: Students withdrawing from the university, or faculty and staff terminating employment should consult the refund information on the Parking Services’ website in the FAQ section. Please help alleviate the congestion on the city streets by using the parking facilities provided by the university.

EVENING/WEEKEND RULES: This permit is valid Monday through Friday between the hours of 4:00PM and 8:00AM and all day on weekends. All vehicles must be out of lots by 8:00AM Monday through Friday. Students may park in student designated flat lots only. Faculty and staff may park in all faculty/staff and student designated flat lots. A permit option is available to park in the Clifton Deck for a fee of $125.00 from 4:00pm to 8:00am and all day on the weekends. Any vehicle not complying with rules and regulations will be towed immediately.

MOTORCYCLES: Anyone wishing to park a motorcycle in university surface lots should contact Parking Services at (773) 325-7275.

CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY: This is not a DePaul University parking lot. Any DePaul student, faculty, or staff member parking at 1150 W. Fullerton will be towed at owner’s expense.​