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Sanctuary Garage Rules & Regulations

DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY: Automobiles must be operated and parked in a manner that assures the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians in the garage. Each person will be assigned a numbered parking space within the garage. These are reserved spaces. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to park in his/her assigned numbered spot. Parking in any space other than the assigned numbered spot is a violation, which will result in the vehicle being towed at the owners’ expense. Parking spaces, and the surrounding area, are not to be used for storage of personal effects.

PERMIT DISPLAY: It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to display the permit in accordance with the University parking regulations. Each assigned space will be issued a corresponding numbered permit sticker. The permit sticker must be attached to the inside of the front windshield on the right hand (passenger) side. VEHICLES PARKED IN ANY OTHER SPACE OTHER THAN THE ASSIGNED SPACE ARE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TOW.

REQUIREMENT: All vehicles which are going to be parked in the garage must be registered with the Parking Services department. Any changes to registered vehicles, (including plate number changes or any other vehicle information) must be reported to Parking Services in order for a permit to be valid. If any unauthorized vehicle is parked in the assigned owners’ space, contact the Parking Services Office immediately, (773) 325-7275, so the situation can be quickly resolved. Contact Public Safety, (773) 325-7777 after normal business hours. Parking in an unauthorized space leads to a domino effect, which quickly develops into a loss of parking control.

ENFORCEMENT: General enforcement will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Public Safety Office and Parking Services are authorized to immediately remove, without warning, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle that is not parked in the appropriate assigned space.

ACCESS CARDS: Accessing the garage will be done by a card reader located at the entrance gate, using the DePaul University I.D. Card. If an I.D. card is lost or stolen, a report must be filed with the University I.D. Department. There will be a $15.00 charge for a replacement card.

VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: Vehicle accidents occurring on University Property must be immediately reported to the Public Safety Office.

LIABILITY: No liability is created by the granter of parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by DePaul University. The university assumes no responsibility for cars and/or protection of vehicles or its contents while operated or parked on university property.

VALIDATION TERMS: Lease arrangements are made for a one-year term beginning September 1 and expiring August 31 the following year.

REVOCATION: A parking permit and its privileges remain the property of the University. A person who purchases a parking permit and is in violation of University parking regulations, or incurs multiple parking violations during the academic year, may have his/her permit revoked by University Parking Services

WARNING: This permit does not authorize parking in university surface lots or in the parking garages. Violators will be ticketed and towed.