SharePoint Information Site > Redesign Redesign​ is getting a makeover! You may have heard whispers of a new "core," which is what we call internally. WebCom and IS have been busy working on this redesign for over a year, and we're now ready to launch the new site.

What does this mean for you? Our hope is that there will be very little downtime - if any - of As a site owner, we will need your help fixing links to within your site - but we're going to make it very easy. Read on for more details.

When will the redesigned launch?

The new will be live to the public on Tuesday, June 21. ​​

Will links to on my site need to be changed?

While many URLs on will stay the same, some will change. As a site owner, you should prepare to work with WebCom in the days leading up to the relaunch to mitigate broken links once the new site is live.

During the week of May 16, WebCom will provide a list of all the instances within your site where there's a link that will break and give you the updated URL. Your job will be to edit the page, update the link and check the page in, but wait to republish it until the day goes live. Please block off some time in your schedule on June 21 to complete this task.

Watch for additional emails from WebCom about broken links, including a personalized report for your college or office of all the links that will need to be changed.

Note: The Shared Site Content web part used on undergraduate degree landing pages that share the degree description from will need to be reconfigured, but WebCom editors will make these changes ​for all college​s.​

What can I do to help?

Before you receive the list of specific links in your site that will break (discussed above), please visit the DPUBot Broken Link Report and fix any broken links that are in your site now. If you need training, assistance or access to the Broken Link Report, please email​.

Note: This tool may show inaccurate results on June 20 and 21 due to the launch process. WebCom will send an email to all site owners on June 21 when the report has been refreshed. ​​

Can my site look like the new

We’re glad you like the new design of, and we understand your desire to use it on your site. In the months ahead WebComm will look at the feasibility of creating web parts that use some of the new design elements, but for now the new design is limited to the core of

Why? Because simply adding new design elements to your toolbox could result in confusion on your part, and an uneven visual mixture for site visitors. Neither can we just replace your existing design with the new one. Part of what makes the new design so impactful is the strong tie between font treatments, visual elements and the content itself – a very intentional partnership between our content writers and our web designer – and that can’t be automated.

Design iteration and integration requires time; we appreciate your patience as we work on ways to elevate DePaul’s web design across the board. ​

Still have questions? The WebCom team is happy to meet with you to discuss the redesigned site, the broken link report or your role in the relaunch. Email​ to set up a time. ​