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Fixed Image Sizes

Though most image sizes for our websites are flexible within the 800px - 1900px range, there are some web parts or layouts that require fixed image sizes for consistency. All images should be 72dpi and no larger than 400k in file size for optimal viewing and accessibility.
Note: There's more than one aspect to image size — both the image width and the file size should be within our standards. Image file sizes should never exceed 400k.

Bio Headshots

In use for the Bio Layout, or staff grids, you'll need to resize your photos to 255px by 300px. (If a headshot is not available, please use our image placeholder. Drag it from the browser window to your desktop, and then upload it to the appropriate Images folder.)

Panel Objects

For most panel objects, 600px by 400px is the standard. However, sometimes the ratio of 600px by 300px is used.

Homepage Hero Photos

Most homepage hero photos will be around 1900px by 500px. The standard configuration should be 1800px to 2000px wide max and should never exceed a maximum 400k file size. Additionally, a widescreen or panoramic aspect-ratio between 2:1 to 3:1 must be followed. For example, an image with a 1800px width should have a height of between 600px and 900px. All photos should be 72dpi.

Page Rollup and News Article Thumbnails

For page rollups that have the image configuration set, resize thumbnail versions of images to 120px by 120px. For News Article 2 layouts, resize thumbnail versions of images to 150px by 150px.
Both of these layouts use the Rollup Image, which is located at the bottom of every page layout when editing in the Rollup Info tab. All images used should not exceed 40k in file size. ​​​​