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Resizing Bio Headshots

These instructions are based on using Adobe Photoshop CC, which is available for university Faculty and Staff. The steps and screenshots are on a Mac. Separate PC instructions will be uploaded soon, but the steps should be roughly the same if not very similar.

1. Open Photoshop and from the File menu, select Open. Choose the image file from your computer and click Open.

File > Open

2. To check the size of the image as it is now, go to the Image menu and select Image Size.

Image > Image Size

You'll want to make sure that the Width and Height are displaying in Pixels. Now is also a good time to make sure your Resolution is set to 72 Pixels/Inch and that it's set to Fit To" Original Size. You'll want the Resample to be Bilinear. Click OK.

Check your image's size

Note: If the image is already smaller than 255px by 300px, you cannot use this image. If it is larger, go on to the next steps. 

3. Depending on how the image is composed (our example of Michelle Obama is much farther away from her face than most headshots), you might want to crop it closer to the subject's face. If the image is already composed closer to the subject's face, skip these sub-steps and move on to step 4.

3 a. In the left-hand button menu, click on the Crop tool, and make sure it's set to Ratio at the top of the window.
Crop tool
3 b. Use your cursor to crop the image to a more headshot-friendly ratio, so the image will show more of the subject.
3 c. Click the checkmark at the top of the window for confirm the crop.
Crop just below the shoulders
3 d. Go to the Image menu and click Image Size again.

5. In the Image Size window, click in the Width field and try setting it to 255 (make sure it is set to Pixels). If the Height changes to any number greater than 300, click OK and move on to the next step. If it is below 300, try re-cropping the image so it is a little taller. Or try setting the Height to 300 and if the width is more than 255, click OK and go on to the next step.

Set the width to 255

6. In the left-hand button menu, click on the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Rectangular Marquee

7. At the top of the window, make sure the Style is set to Fixed Size, and set the Width to 255 px and the Height to 300 px. You're creating a little template to crop the image with that is the exact size you want the image to be.

8. Click on the image itself and drag the rectangular outline to a fitting position on the image, so that is it cropping the subject's face and shoulders nicely.

Select the part of the photo you want to crop out

9. Go to the Image menu, and select Crop.

Image > Crop

Now you've successfully cropped your photo and it is 255px by 300px! Let's save the image!

10. Go to the File menu and select Save For Web.

File > Save for Web

Make sure that it is set to save as a JPEG, and that the Optimized box is checked. You can leave the Quality at 100% and double check that it is set to Bilinear.

Save for Web

11. Click Save. Now save it in your desired location on your computer and give it a clear, new file name, such as Lastname-Firstname.jpg or Lastname-Firstname-resized.jpg and click Save.

Save the image to your computer

Now you can exit Photoshop and use the newly resized image in the person's bio page, following these instructions.​​​