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News Article Layout


You have news to share and we have a way to share it! This clean, functional layout uses fields for content consistency and has category capabilities. It is a three-column style layout that shows the left navigation and key content areas such as a title, author, category, date, and social media sharing icons. These fields make this layout ideal for a news articles, blog-style posts or press releases.

The News Article Layout can be used in conjunction with the Page Rollup Web Part on a landing page (sub-site/parent; with /Pages/default.aspx at the end of the URL) to display the most recent articles and list them by category. 


IMPORTANT: content editors must follow image best practices requirements when using the news article layout.

1. Create a new page and name it using all lowercase letters with dashes between words, like so: news-article-title

2. In the ribbon, click on the Page tab and click the Page Layout dropdown menu

3. Select News Article. When the page refreshes it should look like this:

4. Enter the Article Title -- it becomes the heading of the page. Choose the Article Date using the calendar picker, or by entering it in the format of: month, day, then year (00/00/0000). Put the name of the author in the Author field -- the field will automatically populate with the word "By" before the name you type in. If you have categories, select one from the list by highlighting it and clicking Add
To add or remove available news categories to choose from; go to the site root (A.K.A. homepage) and in Site Actions (top left drop-down menu) go to View All Site Content. In the Lists section click on the SiteNewsCategories list. You can add a new category by clicking Add New Item, or edit existing categories). 

5. If you want a large main article image (requires high resolution/large image size, at least 800px wide) you can upload it by clicking Browse under Featured Image and be sure to give the image a caption in the Image Caption Field. This image spans the width of the article -- vertical images are not recommended as they will take up too much screen space. Otherwise, you can add regular size images in the Article Content area as you would on a normal page, as well (recommended). 

6. Add the news/blog main content to the Article Content area by clicking "Click here to add new content" -- you can format the text just like on a normal page. *Remember: if you copy/paste from an existing source, like a word document, clear the text formatting

7. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page and, under Page Info add the Navigation Title -- this is usually the same as the article title. Click the Rollup Info tab to add a thumbnail image (a thumbnail should be a smaller version of an article image and should be resized outside of SharePoint and uploaded separately) and a rollup description (a one-sentence summary of the article). 

8. Save & Close and Check In the page when you are finished. Then submit for publishing.

Sample Article

Sample Article