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News Article & News Rollup (blog view)

​​ This set of News layouts presents a look and feel that's more like a blog. The two layouts work together; with the News Rollup layout on the subsite landing page and the News Article layout being used on the individual article pages. Article pages are automatically rolled up on the landing page.

News Article: This layout uses fields for content consistency and has category capabilities. At desktop view, it's a two-column style layout that shows Categories and Latest News in the left-hand column and fields such as a title, author, category, date and article in the main content area. (At mobile view: The Categories and Latest News are available via a button at the top of the rollup page.) These fields make this layout ideal for news articles, blog-style posts or press releases. You can style the text just like you would any other page and add images directly into the content. Social media sharing links will automatically render.


News Rollup: The News Article layout can be used in conjunction with the News Rollup layout on a subsite landing page (will have /Pages/default.aspx at the end of the URL). News Rollup offers a blog-like look and feel**. The rollup shows the full text and imagery of every article as the user scrolls down (no Read More link). This layout will automatically display the articles from newest to oldest. There is a place to put introductory content or featured items at the top of the layout.


IMPORTANT: News Article can only be used with News Rollup, not News Rollup2. News Rollup can only be used with News Article, not News Article2.


The News Rollup layout goes on subsite landing pages and news articles are just pages using the News Article Layout.

Usually, since the subsite will have been created for you by WebCom, the News Rollup layout will have been selected for you for the landing page as well. You'll just be maintaining the featured area at the top (if it exists), and/or adding new News Article pages that will automatically roll up on the landing page. 
See our detailed instructions for adding a new News Article page.

If you are setting up the News Rollup yourself on the landing page of a subsite, the instructions are below.

News Rollup Instructions

Request a new subsite by contacting the Help Desk​You'll want to specify in the ticket where you'd like the new subsite to live (provide links for accuracy) and what it should be called. 

Once the subsite has been created, navigate to the default page, log in and edit the page.

In the ribbon, click on the Page tab, and click the Page Layout dropdown menu.

Choose News Rollup.

In the top area you can put in optional introductory content, such as copy explaining what this news section is about or panel objects that call-out specific articles, like the example below.

News Rollup layout in edit mode.
Save & Close and Check In the page. Now you're ready to add articles. As you create the articles, they will be automatically added to this rollup page.

If you plan to use categories and know what categories you want, you can add the category options ahead of time. A single article can be in multiple categories. The available categories are managed at the root-level in View All Site Content in a list called "SiteNewsCategories." There you can edit and add new categories.

See our News Article instructions.