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How to see what pages are checked out to you

It is important to Check In your pages so that you fully save all of your changes (creating a minor version of the page in the page history) and also allow others to view your changes, check out the page to make additional edits, and ultimately approve the page so that it is live.

Pages that are checked out to you will say "Checked out and editable" in the yellow banner under the ribbon. Pages that are checked out to others will say "Status: Checked in and viewable by authorized users. Important StatusNote: You are viewing a draft (checked in) version of this page, but this page is also being edited and is checked out exclusively to _______" in the yellow banner.

See all pages checked out to you

You can click around your site and look for pages with the yellow banner that says “Checked Out and editable” and then Check In​ those pages. Pages that are safely checked in will say “Checked in and viewable by authorized users” however, you may miss a few, especially in a large site. So here's how to see all pages currently checked out to you:

  • Log into your site, and: from the Site Actions menu, click on Manage Content and Structure.
  • In the top light blue bar, you'll see a yellow box next to the word View that says "Default View" -click on it, and from the dropdown, click “Checked Out To Me”
  • Now you will see all of those pages (if there are any) from the top-level. Click through each subsite on the left and then you can click on each page that comes up as checked out to you, go to the page, and check them in.