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Report a Problem or Ask for Assistance – Submitting a ticket through TSC

When you encounter a problem with or have a question about your SharePoint site, you can call the Help Desk at 312-362-8765, email (be sure to include relevant links to your site), or submit a case through the Technology Support Center (TSC) in Campus Connect​.

Log in to Campus Connect:

Go to "Create Technology Support Case"

A form appears for adding a case, also known as a ticket.

Your contact details will appear in the first section. If your contact information does not appear or is not accurate, click on Edit Contact Details.

In the Problem Details Section choose the Case Type that best represents what you need: reporting a Problem; submitting an Enhancement/Request; or asking a question, asking for assistance or requesting training (Question/Train/Assist).

From the Category dropdown, select Sharepoint
(Leave "Specialty Type" and "Detail" blank, and you don't really need to put anything in the detail address unless you want to say where you are)

You can also attach a file if you would like, such as a screenshot of what you are experiencing, by clicking the Attach File button.

Click Next.

Type a short summary of the problem you are experiencing. It is important to mention the name of your site and/or which college and/or department you are in.

In the Details field, be sure to also include the name of your website and a link.

Add in detailed information -- it is most useful to include the URL of the page where you are experiencing the problem/posing the question. It is also helpful to be specific about any web parts or page layouts you are using if they are part of the question/problem.

When you have entered all of the necessary information, click Save My Case.

You will get an email shortly letting you know that your case has been received.​