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Technical Guides

These guides provide a definition of our responsive framework here at DePaul, as well as our coding guidelines, which set forth a walk-through of our object-oriented CSS framework and how to most effectively use it. The Technical Guides section also covers mobile device and browser performance expectations and recommendations for optimizing mobile user experience.

  • Responsive Web Design

    If you're just getting your head wrapped around what responsive is, we've taken some time to define what it means to us here at DePaul, and what we're trying to accomplish.
  • Object-Oriented CSS

    ​​While it's not OOP in the pure sense, our goal with CSS development is to create highly organized, modular and extensible code.
  • DePaul CSS Coding Guide

    Front-end code can get tangled and crazy if not properly managed, so we've created a style guide to keep code readable and easily understood.
  • Master CSS Walkthrough

    Our CSS is robust and detailed but highly organized, and this walkthrough will explain what's in there so you don't end up writing redundant code.
  • Mobile Platform Support

    Expected support, compatibility and performance of  various mobile device platforms.